Djinn sensor

Increase your productivity and work efficiency by monitoring environmental conditions. Introducing Indoor environmental quality sensor to create Smart Workspace and Green Home.

Save costs by reducing energy consumption and emissions from buildings and property. Due to its motion and environmental sensing abilities, the Indoor environmental quality sensor is ideally suited for Industry 4.0 applications. Indoor environmental quality sensor is specialized to improve safety and to reduce health risk at workplace or at home.


How this work

technological systems

IFTTT helps work together in new ways with other apps, devices and technologycal systems

organization decision

worktime & workspace organization, premises operation, facilities selection, eco-friendly furniture and materials

Productivity increase
Disease risk decrease
Energy saving

Inner space for example

Your fresh benefits

productivity increase

safety improving

health risk decrease

reduction of energy and buildings emission

Djinn Sensor – open solutions platform

Environment control & monitoring from IFTTT

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Djinn sensor team

Andrei Dusmikeev

CEO,CTO, product design mob/telegram/whatsapp: +375 29 7703334

Ilya Hrushch

CTO, hardware

Tatiana Haritonova

Medical expert

Vadim Radzivill

CIO & Founder in R-NOX

Gaidar Sinyakov

Software, back-end

Artem Prigarov

Software, front-end

Igor Hizhnyak

CFO, economist